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Chief Tech Apologist:

John E. Murray, III, educator, existentialist, executive, has grown into the world of one-liners, corporate america, and, yes, romantic poetry. Early influences blossomed from stories of belief, imagination, and excellence by Richard Bach, Walt Disney, Mark Twain, and James Baldwin. He has lived on a quiter Beale Street, swam in the bumpy Rock River instead of the mighty Mississippi, worked at the place where magic resides, and met the modern existentialist himself. He has taught literature, writing, technology application, and professional development at post secondary, collegiate, and corporate institutions. John is the creator of multiple, award winning verses, novels, business books, and the growing, EIII storytelling model. He currently resides in the Orlando, FL area with his wife, Teri, and two children, Kellie and Megan.

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