Vista – Choose When to Change

As I began reading this month’s PC World Magazine, I noticed some letters and forum posts about businesses complaining about how proprietary systems were not working with Vista…in fact, one letter even said that Microsoft should be slapped with a class-action…Please stop. Seriously, these are the same people who stayed with the Dos, green-screens even after XP was out..Does anyone remember the chaos that went around for Y2K? Windows 95, 98 and 2000 still run today because Microsoft fixed their issues…And, companies spent millions fixing older “proprietary” programs that didn’t think past 1999…OK, this is a bit extreme, but there is a point in there somewhere…Should companies shell out the money to buy new software? Should companies be forced to use Vista?

No one is forcing either…Microsoft is just trying to move things along for those that do want a change. They are not saying that you need to buy Vista…In fact, if your company is buying machines from a reputable computer company, they can offer you a downgrade, even after June 30th to Windows 2000 if you would like. The downgrade program has been a part of the deals Microsoft makes with businesses who build computers for some time now. They still buy a “Vista” license number. Really, though, they are just purchasing a license for Windows.