iPad mini is a worthy tablet for the many

The iPad mini became available in Apple retail stores on November 2.  Many reviewers have praised the device for its size and performance.  Others have focused on the higher price compared to its competitors.  Either way, the iPad mini is a strong, portable device for many looking for a tablet.

The iPad mini is incredibly thin and light.  At 0.68lbs and 7.2mm thin, this device is easy to hold and carry around.  Whether you are looking to read books, browse the web, read email, or play games, the iPad mini will provide a bright, 7.9-inch multi-touch display and a comfortable experience.

Photo courtesy of Apple, Inc.The iPad mini feels fairly snappy.  Simple games such as Angry Birds or Tiny Wings did not miss a beat.  Each app loaded as quickly as you would expect form an iPad.  Browsing the web was just as fluid as on an iPhone or previous iPads.  Using the multi-touch gestures to swipe through apps and close them felt comfortable and quick.

Given its smaller size and lighter weight, this may be a better iPad than the iPad 2 which has the same resolution. Using the device comfortably with one hand makes the experience of reading books and magazines better than using one of the larger iPads.  While some have been disappointed with the lack of a Retina display, it does not take away from the reading experience.

The 5MP camera on the back of the iPad mini produced some nice shots in well-lighted areas.  It was more comfortable taking pictures with this device than with a full-sized iPad.  It also seemed a bit less awkward holding this smaller iPad up to snap a shot, especially in a public setting.

There were some reports indicating that lines were shorter compared to other Apple product releases.  However, as the weekend continues, other reports are showing the new device sold out in a few locations.  If you are thinking of purchasing the new iPad mini, you may wish to either all ahead or visit an Apple store soon.

The two Nashville area Apple stores did have some stock of both the white and black models late Saturday afternoon.  The black and slate model was available in all storage sizes, while the white and silver model was only available in the 32GB model.   If you haven’t ventured out to get yours, you may wish to do so early today.

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