The Backbeat Fit delivers on high quality Bluetooth headphones


The Backbeat Fit provides a quality experience for anyone looking for a Bluetooth headset.  With a solid connection from pocket to ear, strong volume, and a comfortable fit, this pair of headphones can provide a better experience than many corded headphones.  The Backbeat Fit comes in light blue and green and is available at many retailers both online and local.

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The form and function of the Backbeat Fit is very comfortable, especially for those who want in-ear headphones without needing to cover the entire ear canal.  The ear pieces are similar to the Jawbone Era in how it fits into your ear.  However, it adds the extra fit of a loop to better hug the outer ear and not fall out while you are running.  The fit will depend on your ears, of course, but seemed right for many of the individuals who shared they owned the headphones.

Pairing was fairly easy with an most portable music devices.  After pairing the device with an iPhone, it indicated that an app was available to upgrade firmware and check the status of the Backbeat Fit.  Downloading the apps was easy and the headphones were identified quickly.   The Backbeat Fit is said to be able to connect with up to 8 different devices.

Testing the connection for distance was great.  The connection remained solid even from across the room.  The quality of the audio was also positive.  For some, there may not be enough bass.  However, for the average consumer, the audio will be of very good quality.  It may not be better than those Bose MIE2 connected headphones, but the Backbeat Fit is one of the better Bluetooth headphones out there.


The earbuds themselves contain the controls to adjusting volume, moving to the next track, and answering calls.  The controls took a bit of getting used to, but it was fairly easy after a short adjustment time.  The volume is a little bump on the left earbud.  Tapping it will increase the volume, holding it down will decrease the volume.  You do not need to push too hard to adjust the settings.  However, be careful not to push too hard into your ear.


For battery life, the Backbeat Fit is supposed to get 8 hours of A2DP playback or 6 hours of talk time on a full charge.  Charging time was around 2 hours total using a micro USB cable connected to a computer’s USB port.  The Backbeat Fit also has a Deep Sleep mode that will allow it keep a charge and ready to connect for up to 6 months.  Time will tell how long the usage time remains this good.


Overall, the Backbeat Fit delivers a great Bluetooth headphones experience. Whether you are listening to music, podcasts, having a phone conversation, this is a good device to use with your favorite Bluetooth-enabled music player.  Since this is a sport headphone, it is also good for running or lighter activity.  In fact, the Backbeat Fit also comes with a smartphone armband and carrying case so you do not have to worry about the phone bouncing around in your pocket.

Visit your local retail outlets, such as AT&T or order it online.  Enjoy the Bluetooth-connected freedom.

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